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Sleep World: Why You Need Selinsgrove Mattresses

The coils shouldn’t be poking out the mattress before you decide it’s time to get another one. When buying a product you spend one third of your life using, it is crucial you find the right mattress that offers comfort and provides support for your unique sleeping style. Sleep World customers marvel at how much healthier they feel – physically, mentally and emotionally – after sleeping a few nights on their new Sleep World mattresses. The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) now recommends that a mattress set be replaced every five to seven years. This is because our bodies and sleep preferences change as we age. Sets that have worn out or are uncomfortable should be replaced. If it is comfortable to sleep in some positions, but not in others, or if you are rolling into the middle, it is time to buy a new mattress. If you often wake up with your arms, hands or legs tingling or if your hips and shoulders hurt after a night’s sleep, then your mattress may be too hard. Squeaky, sagging beds are often caused by using either the wrong bed frame or a broken box spring. Frames should offer a center support with legs. Mattress will also conform to any deformities or inconsistencies in the box spring.


Shopping with the Right Mattress Company (Sleep World is located in Selinsgrove, PA)

It is important that you buy your new mattress set from a store you trust. You should feel confident in the information, service and products offered. Our Sleep World associates are here to answer our customer’s questions about designs and features of our Selinsgrove mattresses. When looking for a reputable mattress store, consider the range of products offered, pricing and financing options available, return policies, warranties and delivery methods. You should also be able to take your time browsing and testing out mattresses without feeling pressure. Selinsgrove mattresses customers will find our associates to be supportive, understanding and willing to go out of their way to find the best mattress for your unique needs at the best value.